J.K. Financial, Inc. Services


As a Wealth Management and Financial Planning Firm, we offer clients an assortment of planning ideas and services. Highlights of a few are as follows:

Strategic Thinking and Planning -

Lifestyle changes occur, maybe it is a new business, job change, elective or mandatory retirement, career adjustment, or family planning. Our collective 30 years of experience in various situations help to anticipate the hurdles and opportunities on your way to victory through our strategic thinking and planning meetings.

Retirement Planning -

Diversified highly sophisticated Investment strategies, projection analysis, “what if” scenarios, draw rates with portfolio shocking techniques, and detailed allocation analysis to gain a comfortable outlook for the long term piece of mind and comfort a retirement plan should offer investors.

Investment Portfolio Analysis -

Sophisticated macro analysis to determine where you want to be, recommendations of where you need to be, and most importantly, where you actually are on the risk scale.

Estate Planning/Distribution -

Estate Organization, Estate Distribution, Estate Tax Minimization Planning, and Charitable Giving techniques.  You have worked hard to accumulate assets, our important distribution strategies include early tax advantaged distribution, tax advantaged family distributions, charitable distributions, and probate assistance. It is not uncommon for our firm to take a lead role in the probate process.

Tax Planning -

Maximizing deductions through a joint relationship with your tax professional along with projection analysis and planning to minimize long term effective marginal tax rate.

Philanthropic Decision Assistance -

Appropriate entity or vehicle decision and implementation assistance, non-profit investment management, board structure and member assistance.

Company Retirement Plan Analysis –

401k, Pension, Pension Commencement analysis, Deferred Compensation plan analysis, contribution, allocation, benefit selection, in-plan non-hardship withdrawal strategies, and participation recommendations.

Concentrated Position Exit Strategies –

Company stock, RSU’s, NUA strategies, stock options, or public company ownership exit strategies and tax advantaged solutions with diversified personal interest answers.

Divorce Assistance -

Using the collaborative divorce process to help expedite the separation process and minimize costs.

Feel free to contact us if you would like any further information about these topics, or other areas of interest. We can help you make sense of today's unique economic climate.

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